Umeå BSKTs division 2 lag mötte Vråken Luleå


Umeå spelade sin första match på bortaplan mot Vråken Luleå. Matchen slutade med förlust. Georgios Pavlogiannis fick agera huvudtränare idag då Caroline Muzito-Bagenda var borta med Ligalaget.



Vråken Luleå vs Umeå BSKT 75 – 59
(18-21 / 21-12 / 16-14 / 20-12)


– This was our first game of the season. We started very competitive and we had a good first half. We tried to run and press the ball and we made some important shots. In the second half we were kind of weak, we didn’t play tough defense and we missed a lot of rebounds. We are a new team and we can be much better in the future, säger Georgios Pavlogiannis, assisterande tränare.


Spelarstatistik (poäng)

10 Melker Lindblom

9 Joel Sehlstedt

9 Dame Seck

8 Gordan Glomazic

6 Claes Sjölund

4 Axel L. Hemmingsson

4 Jonathan Mahari

4 Tintin Grahn

3 Luke Haskell

2 Daniel Malca



Publicerat av Fredrik Stolt, medieansvarig.

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